Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good morning, I hope you are starting the new year out with a renewed walk with the lord. Many times we make New Year resolutions and fail to keep them as the year rolls on and we go back to the everyday struggles of life and relationships . The bible tells us in Hebrews , Therefore since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially sin that so easy trips us up. And us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Chapter 12:1 , the writer is telling that life is full of things that can hold us back from becoming what God has intended our lives to be. Sin offen changes our relationship with our friends and family and drives a wedge between our relationship with Christ. Sin so offten takes us down the wrong road , and can destroy our hope and dreams. We can change the coarse that our lives are on this year if we would allow Christ to take controll. We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true of everyone who believes , no matter who we are.Romans 3:21 NLV. Christ is faithful to forgive us when we confess our sin to him . It is his nature to love us , no matter where we have been , and how bad we have messed our lives up. If you are a child of God Paul tells us in Romans 8:9 , that you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the spirit if you have the spirit of God living in you.( And remember that those who do not have the spirit of Christ living in them do not belong to him at all). 12 Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. Start the New Year off with a renewed relationship with Christ and I know that your Life will be better in 2011, Run the race of life well, by putting your trust and faith in the lord. If you do not have a relationship with Christ, I am not talking about going to church or keeping some rules someone has come up with , but that you have Christ in your heart , AND YOU HAVE TOTALLY GAVE YOUR LIFE TO HIM,you will find out it not hard to live your life for Him. Read Romans 10:9 and asked him in to your heart. Let me know if you asked Christ into your heart and I will send you some material to help you in your new walk. God bless each of you this year and stand stronge in the Lord AMEN.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wow ! it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blogg. I pray that you have had a great year in the lord , and he is all powerful in your life. We are getting excited here at Mayo about the coming year and what God has instore for us . For I know the plans I have for you ", says the Lord ."They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a futher and a hope . Jeremiah 29:11 NLV how awesome is this verse , to think that God has a plan for you and me. We offen come to this time of the year and we don't know what the new year has in store for us, may have been that this year has not went as we had planned , and so the new year brings a lot of uncertainty . That is why I like this verse so much , God knows the future , and just as Jeremiah states in this verse , if we put how hope in God , his plans are good and not evil in our lives. It is hard for some folks to believe this , They keep doing the same thing over and over and expect something different to take place in their lives . It is hard at first to give God full control of our lives , but when we render our life to him and let Christ take control , He takes the responsible for our lives. Either way, Christ's love controls us.Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. 2 Corinthians 5:14 So our future looks bright with Christ , Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 4:7-9 We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure . This makes it clear that our great power is from God ,not from ourselves.8 We are pressed on everyside by troubles , but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but are not driven to dispair. 9 We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God, We get knocked down, but are not destroyed. So as you and I get started in another year ,I hope that we can put our trust and faith in Christ whose plans are for our good. Have a Blessed New Year in the Lord and savior Jesus Christ , Amen

Monday, January 11, 2010


I am excited as we are beginning a new year in the Lord , I believe this will be a year of great outreach for our church. I know that 09 was a difficult year for many but at the same time many turn to the church for answers . I am glad that my God has those answers . He gives us peace and joy even in the most difficult times. I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me . Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows . But take heart, because I have over come the world. John 16: 33 NLT . As 20010 holds many challenges for our nation , I believe that it will provide great opportunity for the church for out reach in our communities. Here at Mayo I have ask the church to go into intense prayer for the church . That we would seek out the Lord for direction for this year. I am praying that God's people would wake up and take a stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to start living what we are preaching , and praying everyday for a Holy Ghost revival and an out pouring of God's spirit on His people. Pray and fast with us here at Mayo and lets see what God can do when his people start calling on his name. May God Bless you and keep you in 2010 . Keep looking up He is coming soon .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christ is love.

Greeting in the name of the Lord ,

What an awesome God we serve . He is open to our prayers , He knows all about us , there is nothing in our lives that is hid from him , and he still loves us !! In Psalms 121: 4 it states that He never slumbers nor sleeps , He is always there for us anytime of the day or night , Paul states in Ephesians 3: 18 . And may you have the power to understand , as all God's people should, how wide , how long , how high , and how deep His love is . NLT . And yet some people never get to experience this love because they never put their trust in Him. We sometimes put our trust in relationships and in ourselves , but not in a God that is able to give you peace and joy and keep you safe in Him. I know that everyone needs to know that they are loved . Sometime we look in all the wrong places for that love , Christ is love. John 3:16 said For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. NLT . You don't have to be alone , you don't have to feel rejected . You don't have to face your troubles alone . He wants to have a personal relationship with you . He wants you to experience his love that is beyond anything you have ever experienced . Romans 10:9 states If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. It come down to what is in your heart , it is all about our heart. It is a Heart thing . What is in your heart today? You can have the love of Christ if you would only call on his name . If you don't know him , my prayer is that you would call on Him . If you have, we would like to send you some free material, just let us know and we we get it to you and also we will pray for your new walk . God Bless and keep looking up He is coming soon!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lost Son


I was reading the other day in Luke's gospel about a father that had two sons. Luke 15:11 and a few things that I read that spoke to me and I hope that it might bless you also. In verse 12 the bible says that the younger son told his father ', I want my share of your estate now before you die', So the father agreed to divide his wealth between his two sons. Verse 13 A few days later this younger son packed all his belongings and moved to a distant land , there he wasted all his money in wild living. NLT . One of the thing I picked up on was that the young man's father did not put up an argument. I would have tried to talked my son out of leaving but this father didn't. He knew that the son was not going to listen, And sometimes we can be so hard headed that we have to learn from our mistakes. The father knew he had to let him go, Not because he did not love him but because he did . That is the way our Heavenly Father does us . He gives us free will to either leave His safety and blessing or to stay under his protection and love. Now I believe the bible is very clear that we cannot lose our salvation , John 10 ;27 But we can back slide or try to run away from God. I know that this can be confusing to some, Ephesians 4; 21 -24 Explains that when we become a believer we take on a new nature , we don't desire the things we use to, If we are a christian we will know when we are in the pig pin because pig slop will know longer satisfy us. The bibles says in verse 15 , He came to his senses and went back to his father's home. He stated in verse 18 , I will go home to my father and say, "Father I have sinned against both heaven and you. 19, and I am no longer worthy of being called your son. Notice here he confessed and change the direction he was going, It is not enough to confess , We have to repent of our sins and change coarse with our life. We do that with the aid of the Holy Spirit . We have a father that loves us so much that he forgives and forgets our transgression when we repent and come back to him . The bible says that he even had a party for his son when he came home. Now his older son got mad because his father had a party for his brother . The oldest son was trying to work for his salvation and never asked for a party because he was caught up in religion and works . Ephesians 2 :8 God saved you by grace when you believed. and you can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God . The oldest son was miserable and was never free because he was all ways to busy trying to keep all the rules and working . I know that a good tree bares good fruit but there is also freedom to worship and to enjoy our salvation . You can never enjoy it if you are all ways trying to work for it. Man have I seen a LOT OF MISERABLE people over the years setting in church trying to make sure everyone keeps all the rules. I am so glad that the father set me free to love him and to party with him. What are you praying for today? Are you asking for all your goods ; Maybe you already have asked for the goods and now you need to come home , He is waiting for you. Are maybe you are like the older brother and not having any parties, remember everything He has is your , CHILL OUT and party down . AMEN . Keep looking up He is coming soon!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Greeting in the name of our lord ,

Have you ever thought about how much that you are loved ? As I was studying for a message the Lord laid on my heart about how much God loves us. I think that that is the one thing that is often over looked in our relationship with Him. He love us , I mean He really loves , Even when we mess up, are we forget to pray, He still loves us, It does not depend on how good we think we are .Or how many rules we try to keep. In Ephesians 3: 18 And may you have the power to understand as all God's people should , how wide, how long, how high and how deep his love is. Verse nineteen says May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God. NLT WOW , have you ever thought about it that way? Sometimes we can miss out in his love in trying so hard to please him and trying to keep all the rules , that we miss out on the fact that it is in His love and excepting his love and living in that love , that pleases our Father. It is not in always trying to be good enough. It is in that love that we are made complete ,In His love that we are made whole , And we come alive in that love. His love takes away the hurt that life sometime throws at us. Sometimes we have relationships that we get hurt in , It may even be a family member that hurts us. That's why we need the love of Christ in our lives. He wants us to live our lives in the fullness of his love. And he also gives us the power of that love to overcome the things that life throws at us. Jesus said in John 17: 22 I have given them the glory you gave me , so they may be one as we are one. NLT That is an awesome statement that Christ made. Think about it , he wants us to have the same kind of relationship with the Father that he had . He wants us to experience that kind of love that he has with God the father. We all want to feel loved , we all want that kind of relationship. Many of us look in all the wrong places for it . Sometimes people search all their lives for it and never find that kind of love. There is only one place to get it and that is through Jesus Christ. He is just a prayer away. Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raise Him from the dead, you will be saved . Amen , If you have prayed that prayer let me know and I will send you some information on getting started in your new life. If you are all ready a christain my prayer is that you would let the love of Christ fill you , flood your heart , saturate even the dry places in your heart with his supernatural love. That the joy of that love would flow out of your belly's like living waters, and spill out on those around you. Amen .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Passion of Christ

As I am setting here tonight my thoughts are on the Passion of Christ. And what he went through A little over two thousands years ago for mankind. As we enter this Holy week I hope that you too will spend some time thinking about about what Christ means to you. Christ said in Luke chapter 12: 51 Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No , I have come to divide people against each other ! NLT . There has never been anyone like him nor will there ever be. There has been wars fought over him and nation's divided over who he is NLT. People have tried to make him in to what they wanted , they have twisted his words , went against what he stands for , molded Him into there religious beliefs . Man has been trying from the begining to bring him down to thier level . Jesus warned us about the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod in Mark 8: 15 . He asked his disciples one day as they where walking to Caesarea Philippi ,Who do people say I am , A lot of folks today are still missing who he is. I think Luke said it best in Acts 4:12 There is salvation in no one else ! God has given no name under heaven by which we must be saved " NLT FOR GOD LOVE THE WORLD SO MUCH THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. John 3:16 NLT That is why he endured the cross . It was for me ,it was for you , it was so that know one would have to perish , that know one would have to face death with out him . He came to save the lost, HE DIED FOR OUR SINS. He suffer on the cross , he payed our debt , He died so that we could have life. My prayer is that you , if you don't know him , would call on his name . Spend some time with him this week, this week is not about the easter bunny, but about a savior,that bridged the gap from a fallen mankind to a Holy God. My prayer is that you would come to know how much that he loves you and want to have a relationship with you. HE will never have to endure the cross again, the debt has been payed in full!! Keep looking up he IS coming back . Amen